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The ultimate team-based action experience awaits you...

Building upon the award-winning Starsiege Tribes, Tribes 2 inserts you into breathtaking worlds where brainpower and teamwork are the only true keys to survival. Join an existing Tribe, start one of your own, or enlist in a new race added for Tribes 2: the BioDerm Horde. With unprecedented innovations in teamplay and tactical warfare, Tribes 2 summons your intellect and gaming prowess in unimaginable ways.

Take arms and fight alongside more than 60 others (either human or AI teammates) with all-new weapons, missions, gametypes and vehicles via the Internet or over a Local Area Network (LAN). Or choose to play single-player campaign and training missions designed specifically to ease gamers into action.

A completely new graphics engine adds tremendous depth and unparalleled replayability to Tribes 2. Players can also generate their own sophisticated maps "on-the-fly" using a revolutionary terrain editor embedded within the game. Further, community-building innovations found in Tribes 2 will drastically simplify recruiting, building and communicating with your tribe.

Product Features

  • Change the role of your player as well as the strategies and tactics employed by your team in real time.
  • Compete in breathtaking, "no boundary" environments that showcase seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Immerse yourself in massive, breathtaking worlds that are tormented by real time weather conditions (rain, snow, fog and lightning) and environmental elements (lava, lightning, meteor showers, etc.).
  • Deliver destruction with three new weapons as well as with completely upgraded versions of existing weapons.
  • Advance your Tribes' positions and gather intelligence with six new vehicles, including a Turbograv cycle, Assualt Tank with gunner station, 3 person Bomber and 6 person APC.
  • Create your Tribe, recruit members, coordinate the Tribe's activities and share mods/maps within the TRIBES 2 client via voice and text chat, email, instant messaging, message forums, news, and web browsing.
  • Experience authentic multiplayer action before setting foot on the online battlefields of Tribes 2 with new single player training missions and gametypes.
  • Create your own sophisticated maps in minutes with a revolutionary new "Point & Click" Terrain Editor.



System Requirements

Windows® 95/98/00/NT 4.0
CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz (Please note supported video cards)

RAM: 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM suggested)
Hard Drive Space: 531 MB HD Space

CD-ROM: 4x Speed
Sound Card: Direct Sound Compatible

Peripherals: Direct Input game controllers supported
12MB or better video card

Supported Video Cards:
Pentium II: 300 MHz w/ GeForce & GeForce 2, Diamond Viper II, Ati Rage 128,
Pentium II: 400 MHz w/ TNT, TNT 2, Radeon, Matrox G400 & G450 Voodoo 3, or
Pentium III: 500 MHz w/ Voodoo 2, Voodoo 4, Voodoo 5, Kyro Permedia 3